Do I have to complete the entire application all at once? Or may I stop and resume later?

You may work in stages, however you must keep the link provided to access your saved application. Without it, you will have to start from scratch.

Ack! I lost the link to access my saved application. Can staff send it to me?

Unfortunately, no. The link is generated by the system and not saved or accessible to us.


What happens if I made a mistake in the online application form - and I only realize after I submitted it? 

Please send corrected information or files to, and staff will update your application.

I'm having trouble with my application. I uploaded the CV as a statement! What do I do?

Notify, and we'll appropriately adjust the materials.

I have questions about the data and the documentation and the workshop. Who can answer them?

Please email all questions to If we can't answer your questions directly, we'll find answers for you.

When will I hear whether I am accepted into the workshop?

Originally, we anticipated notifying applicants by Tuesday, March 21, 2017. However, as we have extended the workshop deadline to Wednesday, March 15, we now anticipate notifying applicants about their acceptance by April 15, 2017.